Who can play for Ephrata Youth Football?

EYF is open to boys and girls, ages 7-12. We have the following teams:

  • B Team - Ages 11-12*
  • C Team - Ages 9-10*
  • D Team - Ages 7-8*

All ages are as of June 1 of the year of registration.

When are practices?

Practices will begin in August and will usually be Monday-Thursday, 6:00-8:00 pm. Practice days and times are subject to change and coaches will let you know your schedule.

Where are practices?

Practices are held on the baseball/softball fields behind the Ephrata Intermediate/Middle School.

Where are home games held?

B Varsity, C Varsity and D home games are generally held at War Memorial field - behind the Ephrata High School.

B JV and C JV home games are generally held on the practice fields behind the Ephrata Intermediate/Middle School.

What can you tell me about volunteering during games?

Every family who volunteers at least three times during the season (or six, if you have received a scholarship) will get their $50 volunteer deposit back at the end of the season. Ephrata Youth Football is run entirely by volunteers, and it takes a village to make every game day successful.

For every game, we need 3-4 volunteers for the snack bar and 3 volunteers for chain gang, as well as spotters, announcers, clean up after the last game of the day and, occasionally, gate table. We may also be looking for volunteers for Team Mom/Dad and help with the parade float.

This year, EYF will be using TeamSnap to post and sign up for volunteer opportunities (known in TeamSnap as "Assignments"). More information will be provided as we get closer to the start of the season.

What kind of equipment does my child need?

Check out our Equipment page for details on what equipment EYF provides for each player and what you will need to purchase.

What's the policy for inclement weather?

Some players' favorite memories from football is playing in the rain and mud! We generally do not cancel practices or games for rain or snow, but will cancel for a close thunderstorm or other severe weather. Each team will make a decision about their practices based on the weather and will notify parents as early as possible if there is a change to the schedule. If possible, coaches will usually try to fit in at least part of a practice. If bad weather pops up unexpectedly and practice needs to be cut short, parents will be notified and players will be taken to safety until parents arrive (usually under the overhang at the gym entrance of EIS). If there is a possibility of bad weather and practice is still being held, we recommend that you stay close by if you're able.